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Giving Presents

I used to love giving presents to people. But lately, I was selfish and kept spending money on myself. I felt really reluctant to spend my money for other people because I feel like it was a waste of money. The real truth is that I am not actually good in money management. I keep on spending money on things that I do not need and never felt regret when I buy those expensive things. Sometimes I do feel that I was wasting a lot of money which I was supposed to save the money for the future. So , I believe that I need to change on the spending habit and buy only what I need rather than what I want. And I put aside my greediness on money to buy gift for my beloved one. I felt so happy and the satisfaction of giving present to other people is beyond than spending money on myself. I can make other people happy by giving them gifts and I know that's what matters the most. Seeing people happy and smiles because of me makes me feel more happy.               It is a new kind …

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