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Cry Hard

Girls are complicated. Well I admit that. Girls are always get emotional especially when the time of the month comes "period" or pms or just any other time. Girls tend to trust their feelings rather than thinking logically. We always get emotional over something, like watching sad movies and end up crying hard or getting upset over something which does not mean anything. I also get upset easily especially when my emotion is unstable. I get annoyed with my own self because I cried when people ignores me and get so overthinking like " i am nobody so i am not important to people and nobody would want to accompany me and stay with me like i'm so useless. Hmm and tears falls like the waterfalls until get tired and start overthinking again and again. And sometimes, girls cried silently when they are upset, tried to hide their tears and wipe them just because they dont want people to judge them for being so emotional.

Crying is not a sign of weakness. Girls cry and boys cr…

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