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I wonder how those powerful people live their life, like how they make decisions that make to become who they are now and how they achieve their success. Success cannot be achieved by sitting around doing nothing. Success means preseverance in giving all effort and sacrifice a lot of things to be at the top of the world. Success means all their hardships and hard work are paid off. Sometimes I always ask myself, why can't I achieve success like others? Why I can't get high marks in test amd examination? Maybe I didn't do enough. Maybe my effort is still little and i need to push myself, out of my comfort zone.
     I may have to change the way I study, like teaching people. I easily  absorb more information when I teach people since I need to really understand the particular topic so, I really hope that I can teach my friends on hard topic so that I get to actually understand the topic pretty well. I also like to write notes. Most of the time during the examination, i can …

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